Verminopolis teams up with Posthuman Studios

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Posthuman Studios, creators of Eclipse Phase and Shinobi Clans to finish the production of the first Verminopolis game, tentatively titled Dumpster Dive. Many of you have followed along with us …

New Characters from Artist Andrew Trabbold

Here’s a first look at some new characters as envisiond by the fantastic Andrew Trabbold.

Back Alley Bones: Rules 2.0

Back Alley Bones Rules 2.0

3D Verminopolis: The prototype

I was recently introduced to a cool piece of software called Sculptris, currently available in alpha demo mode. In a few hours I learned the program pretty well and created the first (of hopefully many) Verminopolis 3d models.  Next step… …

Back Alley Bones: Dev Update 2013-10-04

FIRST!  Beta Testers: thanks for taking the time to test our first draft and all of the helpful suggestions. Without your help we wouldn’t have had some of the major breakthroughs that we feel are going to really help this …

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Verminous Voices

Rat Scientist

Pigeon Industrialist

Cockroach Cyborg

Squirrel Overlord