FIRST!  Beta Testers: thanks for taking the time to test our first draft and all of the helpful suggestions. Without your help we wouldn’t have had some of the major breakthroughs that we feel are going to really help this game.


First and foremost, we’ve long been concerned with the Point cards and the way the points are manipulated by Cheat and Luck cards. The mechanics work, but the layout on the table and the need to continually tally the points was, at best wearisome and unwieldy.  We’ve decided that a better method of establishing and controlling the point  would be to use a deckplate with a sliding token. This gives us the ability to clear up the game space as well, as Luck and Cheat cards can be played immediately and then discarded. It also adds a fun design element in which we can represent the craps idea a little less abstractly by printing the deck plates to look like a beat up craps table and re-establish the use of dice for setting the point. We’re working on a first design of the deckplate now and will hopefully have something soon.

We’ve also come up with some other character types and abilities and are making headway in developing the multiplayer version of the game, which still has some issues. We’d be glad for feedback or ideas regarding this.

Thanks again for all of the help!

Much love,

The Search