I live for the finer things in life. Seal eyes, bippicakes, human placenta...

Boss Beak, terror of the skies

Urbanopolis…my buffet of corruption, my smorgasbord of sin.

Delicious morsels of filth rummage in the alleys. They seek to undo me. They want to see my empire stripped to its bones.

What they fail to comprehend is that I’m the big egg in the nest. I’ll devour them all alive.

Ever since I was a chick I got the fat, juicy worm. Not because I was the cutest or the smartest, simply, I had sweet girth on my side. Whatever I wanted, I took.

In this city, my city, I get things done. But I demand a price and that price is total subordination. Friends and enemies fear me alike and that suits me just fine.

When the smoke clears and the shadow of the Urbanopolis Pecking Squadron covers this city, they’ll all thank me for what I’ve done. They’ll never call us winged rats again. Instead, they’ll call us torchbearers, and I will be Prometheus, bringer of light to a blighted world.

All will see my deeds and tremble.

But now, it seems, I’ve managed to work up an appetite.

I think I need another pound of BippiCakes.