Arthropod Revolutionary Militia

Hmm? Sorry, I was deep in thought. Finally, someone with some intellect. I’ll let you in on a little secret, mon ami: Hell is other vermin. Why yes, even you—a sacred little skittering fragment of hell. Don’t you feel the …

Hey Mon! You can’t put dat dere! Ain’t you got no sense about you mon? Who’m I? I be da nappy ‘eaded stranger; the roach with da reach,  da eyes an’ ears of dis organization. Dey call me da Radar, mon. ‘Ey, …

Reginald Dominar Neoptera III: Roach Revolutionary

Revolution my friends. That’s why we’re all here tonight. I remember growing up as a small pupae in the jungles of Madagascar. By the millions they came to exterminate or enslave us: the capitalist pigs of Urbanopolis. Well, no longer! …

Verminous Voices

Rat Scientist

Pigeon Industrialist

Cockroach Cyborg

Squirrel Overlord