Verminopolis is an epic story of strife and survival. See the world through the eyes of the humblest vermin as you battle, gamble, cheat and kill for garbage and glory in the gutters of Urbanopolis.



Beta Release:


Verminopolis: Back Alley Bones

Verminopolis: Back Alley bones is a two-player card game which loosely simulates a seedy underground game of craps. Use luck and cheat cards and special abilities to change the ‘roll of the bones’ and amass glorious mounds of filth for your faction.


In Development:


Verminopolis: City of Filth

Verminopolis: City of Filth is a multi-player board game featuring a dynamic board layout, unique roto-cast models, and a mountain of garbage.

Master of the Park

Master of the Park is an interactive fiction (text based adventure) reliving the early history of Verminopolis’ most blood-thirsty squirrel tyrant, Lord Trembletooth