It seems like a lifetime ago. My sensei, Benjobi Nutsuko, smuggled me halfway across the world hidden in his cloak.

Now here we are frittering away our lives and talents on these mongrel grey squirrels. Don’t get me wrong, there is promise here, but Lord Trembletooth is hardly the best influence for communing with the Nut.

It was my rightful destiny to lead the Secret Order of the Nut. But I lost so much in that hell.

Of course I’m scarred…LOOK AT ME!

No, bitterness and regret are not the way of the Nut. Those emotions lead only to the eternal darkness of the compost heap.

Seek the path of peace through the Nut, there you will find your true destiny. Your true power lies in the essence of the roots which spring from the buried seed.

Does it really look that bad?

Look, if it bothers you, then stop staring!