You say you want a revolution?

Revolution my friends. That’s why we’re all here tonight.

I remember growing up as a small pupae in the jungles of Madagascar. By the millions they came to exterminate or enslave us: the capitalist pigs of Urbanopolis. روليت للايفون

Well, no longer!

We’re here now and it’s our turn to live in the sun, or at least under a tasty countertop. There certainly is something about the glue they use here, fine Urbanopolis nag instead of the rotten goat glue we have back home.

I digress.

The time has come to rise, my brothers and sisters. العاب تربح جوائز حقيقية The human host will fall soon enough, but we have other villainous enemies in our own backyard to deal with first. Of course, I’m speaking of the other so-called vermin in this city.

We have nothing to fear my siblings. تعلم بوكر The pigeons are pompous blowhards, the rats are weak from their nepotism, and the squirrels are too focused on protecting their pathetic trees.

This city is ours for the taking, so smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and get out there for the glory of the Arthropod Revolutionary Militia!