See these? These are my cutters. See that chip there? That was your mother. Hahahah.

Just kidding. What do you want anyway? I got important places to be. VIVs to see.

Doc B? Yeah, I know him. I know all the big rats: Sleeze, Rhodes. You might say I’m a hot commodity around here.

My business? Cleaning up problems. Taking out the garbage. Silencing questions. And the best part is I love my job. Can’t get enough.

Yeah, I like to cut things. What’s it to you anyhow? Nutty squirrels, brainless pigeons, crunchy roaches, they all go down the same. Whimpering cowards all of ‘em.

Y’know, somethin? You ask a lot of questions, mac. Why don’t you come a little bit closer. I got somethin’ real important I want to show ya.

Hahahaha…go on then! You like livin’? Then don’t let me see yer ugly mug around her again.