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Back Alley Bones is an irreverent card game, loosely based on the mechanics of Craps, where players attempt to amass more refuse than their opponents.  Affect the ‘roll of the bones’ through uncanny luck, nefarious cheating and special abilities. Choose your faction and your favorite vermin as you gamble for glory.


Back Alley Bones DEMO Rules 1.0


Whether you received a deck of cards or found your way here by sheer genius, welcome  to Verminopolis and the first iteration of our first game release. Essentially, Verminopolis is the story of  the urban vermin that inhabit the fictional city of Urbanopolis, a megalopolis in the mold of The Sprawl or Mega City One. The story follows four factions which vie for power and garbage as they seek to build their tribes and influence the course of history.  For more information about the characters of the environment start here.

Verminopolis: Back Alley Bones represents our first game offering. The philosophical impetus behind it is to get something that’s fun, quick to pick up and play, quasi-customize-able and introduces the first generation of characters and the essential milieu to the gaming public. Our goal is to begin building a fan base and some interest in the game, generate a primary revenue stream and start working our way up to our ultimate goal of releasing a board game we’ve developed called Verminopolis: City of Filth.  We’ve also got lots of ideas for fiction and video games which we are working on in parallel to our tabletop games. Stay tuned to the website for updates and new content.

Please download our rules, the downloadable version of the game, or purchase a print on demand copy from the Gamecrafters and tell us what you think. We’re currently looking for critiques on the game system, the rules, card design an concept. If you’re interested in contributing art or fiction to the project, we’d love to hear from you.

For more info or to leave comments, email webmaster@verminopolis.com.


Order your own print-on-demand version of the demo from The Game Crafters:




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