Exciting things have been happening at the Verm-co game plant. Our army of clever beasties has been working double-time to bring you our first product: Back Alley Bones, a craps based card game.

Back Alley Bones is an irreverent look at the seedy underworld of illegal gambling.  Each player chooses a team of three high-rollers who work together to out roll, out luck and out cheat everyone else. Each turn a roller draws a wager from the loot deck. Then they attempt to influence the roll of the dice by cheating or using luck. Finally, they draw a card from the roll deck and see how they did. The game is fast paced and wild, and involves a whole lot of  strategy and quick thinking.

Currently, we’ve got legions of geckos and church-mice play testing on a brutal 24 hour schedule. Many have already died of exhaustion and starvation, but we know it’s going to be worth it. After all, you can’t put a value on a gaming idea this phenomenal, though we’re thinking MSRP $9.99 or so.

Stay tuned, ya filthy whack-a-moles!