Huh? Whatcu lookin’ at palooka?

You’d best keep movin’ cuz you must not know who I am. Freddy, Freddy the Finch, Boss Beak’s right-hand bird.

I pretty much run the streets of Urbanopolis, all the big guys look up to me ‘cuz I’ve got what it takes to stay alive around here.

Sure, I’ve talked to the rats sometimes. I even know a few squirrels. Nothin’ wrong with that. Roaches? Not too much, but you never know when something useful might come along.

What d’ya mean, “What does Boss Beak think about that?”

How would I know?

I mean, he’s fine with it because he understands how important I am to the organization. Heck, without me I think the rest of the birds would forget how to even fly!

Oh…uh, here comes some of the UPS guys now, I better get out of here…I mean, it certainly wouldn’t do to have them see me talking to a low-life such as yourself.

No offense.