aka The Finger Collector

Furry and furious, Lord TT, as his peers call him (of which he has none) dominates the seemingly trnquil forest at the heart of Urbanopolis. He commands the Secret Order of the Nut as the seek to expand their territory across the treetops of Urbanopolis.


What? Who dares?!

I’m about to launch an offensive against that damn mutt that’s always urinating on our tree! What do you want?

Words for posterity?

Here, simple and quick, like a death strike: no squirrel will ever forget my sacrifices and accomplishments for the Order.

The name Trembletooth will live in the halls of our ancestors striking fear into the hearts of our enemies for a millenia.

Want another pearl?  Nothing thrills me more than a pigeon twisting on a spit. Well, maybe a rat on a spit.

Are we finished? You’ve wasted enough of my time.  ACTION!  I’ve got a regiment about to drop onto that cursed dog and teach him a lesson he won’t forget. His human is going to be quite surprised when her precious little pooch starts foaming at the mouth.  Oh, and she’ll get hers too. Spurtail is poised to strike that rat’s nest atop the woman’s head!  HA!

Crack two nuts with the same tooth I always say!