Hey Mon! You can’t put dat dere! Ain’t you got no sense about you mon?

Who’m I? I be da nappy ‘eaded stranger; the roach with da reach,  da eyes an’ ears of dis organization.

Dey call me da Radar, mon.

‘Ey, take a puff of dis. Now, ‘and me dat spanner dere.

See da Arthropod Revolutionary Militia got some ‘eavy ‘itters up ‘ere in da Stack, an dey need their fix o’ global happenin’s an’ what-not.

Dat’s where I come in, mon. I got the skills to keep dis heap o’ boxes transceivin’; I’m da one keeps dis place online.

Sure, I got work for ya, but might be you end up fried on the third rail you not careful.

‘Ere gimme dat, now. Go get some o’ dem copper strips and let’s get dis radio back together, mon.