Tank Talon here, Verminopolis Featherweight Champion since the two-toned blue toes of Fenweigh Gardens turned tail and beat it for the mountains.

My father was a bull-cock in the first armored division during the great war and my mother was a racing bird directly descended from the famous Silver Bottle. 365 bet

I grew up in the dirty and squalid dovecotes of South Verminopolis. I had to fight my way up the pecking order.

Now, I’m the right-hand man of ol’ Boss Beak himself. He calls me his enforcer, so enforce is what I do. ربح مال حقيقي You wanna say somethin’ to Boss beak, ya gotta go through me first.

We don’t get too many visitors up here in the Aerie, but every now and then some dirty mug gets it in his pea-brain that he’s gonna try to take somethin’ that don’t belong to him.

That’s when I step in and beat him silly. Usually, I like to just pick ‘em up off the roof and drop ‘em a few stories. موقع مراهنات المباريات

What? Ya think you got what it takes? Alright ya mug, put up yer dukes and fight like a bird!