Dr. Bubonic: Rat Genius

I don’t have time for this lip-flapping puffery. Tests to perform, tests to perform—subjects to atomize.  Aggggghhhhh! Fine! A few seconds is all I can spare, while I let this sulfur bi-carbonate mixture cool. An introduction…yes…I am Dr. Phineas T. …

Reginald Dominar Neoptera III: Roach Revolutionary

Revolution my friends. That’s why we’re all here tonight. I remember growing up as a small pupae in the jungles of Madagascar. By the millions they came to exterminate or enslave us: the capitalist pigs of Urbanopolis. Well, no longer! …

Verminous Voices

Rat Scientist

Pigeon Industrialist

Cockroach Cyborg

Squirrel Overlord